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Tally Document OrganiserYou can attach Scanned copy of Files or PDF File in Tally Directly at Voucher Level.Send Enquiry
Auto Emailing of Bill Wise Outstanding This addon auto emails the default bill wise outstanding on specific period of time defined in party ledger.Send Enquiry
Auto EMail to Sundry Creditors with Debit BalanceIt sends email to Sundry Creditors which has negative closing balance.Send Enquiry
Cut Off DateYou can restrict the date in Tally before the date defined by the user. Send Enquiry
Addition of Item Name & Receipt on Bill Wise OutstandingAdd Item Qty, Rate and receipt amount in bill wise outstanding.Send Enquiry
Tally to WhatsappSend Sale Bill from Tally directly to whatsapp via web.whatsapp.com and do not use any API Send Enquiry
Logo on StatementDisplay Company Logo on Party Ledger Account.Send Enquiry
Cost Center Display in Sales RegisterDisplay name of cost center in sale registerSend Enquiry
Stock Item and Stock Group SecurityUser Wise Security of Stock Item and Stock Group.Send Enquiry
Barcode Solution from TallyYou can generate barcode of any product after entering Purchase Entry in Tally. Send Enquiry
SMS ModuleEnables to send SMS from Tally.Send Enquiry
PO PlusAdd Some Fields in PO Entry and Printing.Send Enquiry
PO Table at InvoiceWhen we select PO at Invoice Level, Tally by default fills all the Items in Invoice,

Using this Add-On the Items present in Purchase Order will not get auto-filled but they will come as a list in List of Items in place of All Items.
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Salesman Wise OutstandingThis addon Enables Salesman Wise outstanding.Send Enquiry
Remove unwanted Stock Item and LedgersThere are some stock items and ledgers which need to be in Tally for some opening stock purpose but not required at time of Entry as now they are not in use.

Using this add-on User can remove those stock Items and ledger from the entry screen.
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Delete DisableAdmin can control which user can delete entries or not irrespective of what security level is given to user. Send Enquiry
Auto Sync on Company ShutOn Company Shut, The synchronization will start automatically.Send Enquiry
Auto Manual Voucher NumberingIn Tally Default, If we delete any voucher from middle it will change all number from it,

This nature of tally has been overridden in this add-on.
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Auto Enter Tally VaultThis Add-on Enables to set Tally Vault password at company level and without knowing the password user can open the company.Send Enquiry
Auto EMailing of OutstandingSend reminder of outstanding to the Sundry Debtors Automatically with the reminder option such as Daily, Monthly, Weekly.Send Enquiry
Voucher Date to Current DateChange the Entry date to Current Date by Default.Send Enquiry
Signed BillPrint Invoice with Stamp & Signature.Send Enquiry
Change Title of Item DescriptionTitle will changed of Item Description at Sales Invoice.Send Enquiry
Restriction of Qty & Rate on Purchase From POWhile Entering Purchase entry, if Qty is Greater than balance Qty of PO or Rate is higher than PO Rate,

This Addon will restrict the Entry and not allow user to pass.
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Quick Godown Selection at SalesWhile entering Sales Transaction, No need to select godown every time, Just select once and on all the other items godown will be auto selected.Send Enquiry
Add-on for Petrol PumpThis adds following features:
1. To enter the reading and picks the last reading from the entry automatically .
2. Automatically Generated Receipt after Sales.
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Display Party Ledger during EntryWhile entering the Accounting Voucher like receipt, It displays the ledger account.Send Enquiry
Order No and Order Date on Party Ledger AccountDisplay Order No and Order Date on Party Ledger Account.Send Enquiry
Order No and Order Date on Bill Wise ReportDisplay Order# and Order Date on Bill Wise Report of Tally.Send Enquiry
Ledger Wise SecurityAdmin can restrict the ledger user wise.Send Enquiry
sundry debtors and creditors address at trial balanceDisplay Party Address at trial balance of Tally.Send Enquiry
Godown SecurityAdmin can allocate which user can see which Godown during entry and in Reports.Send Enquiry
Extended Item DescriptionAllow Large Item Description to be printed on Invoice.Send Enquiry
Restriction of Duplicate Purchase InvoiceThis restrict entry of duplicate purchase bill by Checking with Party Name and Bill No.Send Enquiry
Bill No in Voucher ReferenceCopy the Sales Invoice Number to Reference No Field Auomatically.Send Enquiry
Cost Center wise Profit and Loss Account2 Report is being added.

1. Cost Center wise Profit & Loss Account.
2. Coast Center wise Balance Sheet.
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Auto EMail of InvoiceAs Invoice is created, The mail will automatically send to customer. Send Enquiry
2 Level Authorization"Using this Plugin you can use approval functionality in Tally.ERP9. (like Park and Post)
1. Entry will not posted untill it get authorized from authroizer.
2. Print / Export cannot be done untill authoization
3. Authrizor can either accept or reject the entry & status can be seen by entry person."
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